Suomen Vaimennin Oy

  • Railway
    Railway We produce all types of railway dampers, such as primary- and secondary dampers, yaw-dampers and intercar dampers.
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  • Automotive
    Automotive SV produces shock absorbers for trucks, buses and trailers.
    Our main lines are in axle suspension, but steering and cabin suspension shock absorbers are also available.
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  • Special
    Special SV developes strong products, optimized for severe and tough conditions.
    SV has produced shock absorbers for military use since the 1970´s.
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Product Range

We manufacture shock absorbers for automotive and railway applications, for special and industrial applications and for the most demanding needs such as the defense industry and earthquake protection.

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  • Railway Performance and long service-life
  • Automotive Safety on the road
  • Special applications For any purpose

SV Shocks


Suomen Vaimennin         

Founded in 1969, we have been around for quite a while.
We are committed to manufacture unique and reliable shock absorbers of the highest quality, saving costs for our customers in the long run. 
We are your best choice for shock absorbers!

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Testmachine Test machine

Testing procedures

We can test dampers with real life test data which have been recorded from actual movements from the application. This is how we can ensure correct characteristics and behavior during operation.
With the same procedure we can also perform extensive durability tests.

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We only produce shock absorbers of the highest quality.
The SV factory works under very strict quality control standards. Every single shock absorber is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.  

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RocketTheme R&D department

Problem solving

We can provide a high quality solution to virtually any problem involving shock absorbers.
Tell us your problem, and we will come up with a solution!

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Think Green!

At SV we care about the nature.
We are using LED lights at the factory to reduce our carbon footprint.
Biodegradeable oil is used in a range of the shock absorbers.

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Fit and Forget

Our slogan "Fit and Forget" means that after installing SV shock absorbers you will not have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

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Quality Differences

High quality materials make a huge difference for the final product. At SV we know this, and use only the best.

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Tailor made

We can produce superior solutions for the most challenging needs.
Let us know your problem, and we will give you a solution!

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Know how

We have been making shocks since 1969.
We know what we are doing!