Suomen Vaimennin Oy

Bevola has chosen SV!
Bevola is the Nordic general agent for ROR’s trailer axles with their central warehouse in Växjö, Sweden. The current axle production has moved from England to Italy, and Bevola has decided to upgrade its Nordic specification of the CS Ridestar air suspension by choosing SV-Shocks shock absorbers as standard equipment.



SV-shocks in extreme use!
“We are using your shock absorbers since 13 years already and they did a great job.
For those parts life really was not easy as they crossed the sahara desert in Lybia, Algeria and Egypt several times. They also went a few thousand kilometers through Russia and spent a few thousand kilometers on Iceland. On those roads the stress for the material is enormous” says Eberhard Baur from Eberhard Baur Informatik.


Granning trusts in SV-shock absorbers!
Granning UK Ltd and Granning Ireland Ltd, notable producers and suppliers of axles and spring suspension systems for heavy duty have been using SV-shock absorbers in their suspensions since the beginning of the year 2000.
“We are very pleased with the characteristics and the quality of the shock absorbers”  says director Derek Whelan.


Raba is satisfied with SV´s quality!
RÁBA automotive group has many years of experience and tradition in the scope of vehicle manufacturing. The company was founded already in 1896. “We use SV-shock absorbers in our midi buses and we are fully satisfied with SV’s quality” says Attila Németh, head of after sales service.