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SV Axle lifting shock absorber

SV-Shocks produces unique shock absorbers with axle lift function.
This product works as astandard shock absorber in normal conditions.
When needed to lift the axle up, oil pressure is applied to the hydraulic connection at the lower end of the shock absorber.
With this hydraulic pressure the shock absorber is compressed to its minimum length. The lift shock absorber is designed to lift the axle up only when the air pressure in the air springs of the same axle is
released. Axle lift shock absorbers may be used only with air suspension axles.

Benefits of SV-ALS axle lifting shock absorber

• For OE installation, no separate lift cylinders or bellows are needed for axle lifting
• Saves space and weight compared to other ways to lift the axle
• Axle lifting shock absorbers can typically be installed using the existing brackets
• Lifted axle can also be used as a balance counterweight
• Saves tire costs and fuel when driving without a load and axles raised
• Reduced turning radius
• Allows easy turning and maneuverability in difficult conditions (narrow roads, deep snow...)
• Can be used for lowering light transport vehicles, like vans, if properly designed suspension
mounts are used.

Important properties of axle lifting shock absorber

• Lifting capacity 1900 kg / shock absorber at maximum pressure (200 bar)
• Maximum static load capacity is 60 kN.
• Damping characteristics are the same as in standard shock absorbers we produce
for similar vehicles.
• Minimum and maximum lengths are slightly different than in standard shock absorbers,
because some internal parts have been added in order to create the lifting function.
• Because minimum and maximum lengths are different, it is important to check that
the axle lifting shock absorber does not limit the suspension travel.
• Air pressure from springs of the lifted axle must be released before the axle lifting shock
absorber starts to lift the axle.


 This truck has axle lifting shocks installed on the 2nd and 5th axles.